Lovers on the Run

from by Kovacs and the Polar Bear

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We were just two teens in love and on the run like an itchy trigger finger's gotta shoot off a gun,
We hit the road with just the clothes on our backs don't know where we're headed gotta get there fast
So now we're driving through the middle of Tennessee up to the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky
And now we're picking up speed as we cross county lines through tobacco fields of North Carolina
And we'll camp tonight under the Georgia pines, count all the stars with a bottle of wine
And we'll sleep with our bodies intertwined, til i can't even tell what's yours and what's mine..

Oh dear darlin' don't you die on me when there's still so many sites left for us to see,
As we cross over the river Mississippi, west in Kansas outta Missouri,
Oh baby you're looking so mighty pretty with your hair all blowin' in the passenger seat,
But you just gotta keep rememberin' to breathe, don'tcha close them eyes, don'tcha follow them dreams,
I promise you we're gonna be gettin' there soon, we'll howl and dance by the light of the moon
And we can map our paths using the Texas stars til we don't even know where in the hell we are
Redemption lies under the hood of this car and I'm sorry it didn't get us very far..

Now my baby's dyin' in my arms and the last thing she feels will be the beat of my heart,
The one she used to make pound so hard's now a mess in my chest being torn apart,
I promised her a life where we wouldn't be poor, but where she's headed won't be pain no more
We was told that this is what your youth is for, but we was such fools to think we'd win this war..


from Second Sister, track released October 21, 2011



all rights reserved


Kovacs and the Polar Bear Asheville, North Carolina

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